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How Real Is It?, How Crime Works, Inventions,

Voices of Color, and Movies

Studio Technician for the conducted interviews and product reviews. These videos shoots happened either in-studio or virtually.

How Real Is It?

Former Mafia Member Rates 10 Mafia Scenes In Movies And TV

Naval Warfare Expert Rates 9 Sea Battle Tactics in Movies and TV

ER Doctor Rates 10 DIY Surgery Scenes In
Movies & TV

How Crime Works

How The New York Mafia Actually Works

It's Cool, But Does It Really Work?

The Electric Fruit Peeler

Dr. Pimple Popper's Game Will Make You Squirm

Voices of Color

How This Beauty Guru Is Making The Industry
More Inclusive

How Blade Saved Marvel

Movies Insider

What Gay Conversion Therapy Is Really Like

How Actors Learn Different Accents for Movies

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