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Studio Technician for the series "Debunked." Interviews were conducted both in-studio and virtually.

Dietitian Nutritionists Debunk 19 Diet Myths

Pilots Debunk 11 Flying Myths

Podiatrists Debunk 11 Feet Myths

Eye Doctors Debunk 15 Vision Myths

Hair Experts Debunk 15 Hair Myths

Doctors Debunk 12 Sunscreen And Suncare Myths

Sleep Experts Debunk 13 More Sleep Myths

Physical Therapists Debunk 14 More Exercise Myths

Allergists Debunk 11 Food Allergy Myths

ENT Doctors Debunk 11 Ear And Nose Myths

Beauty Experts Debunk 19 Skin-Care Myths

Doctors Debunk 12 Myths About Gut Health

Neurologists Debunk 11 Headache And Migraine Myths

OB-GYNs Debunk 16 Postpartum And Breastfeeding Myths

Paramedics Debunk 12 First Aid Myths

Cardiologists Debunk 12 Heart Myths

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